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    Happy New Years everyone! I hope you all had a safe & fun New Years Eve as you celebrated the end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014. I thought I would share the outfit that I wore! (If you follow me on Instagram, then you have already seen these photos!) I also actually painted my nails!!! I have been keeping my nails pretty short, and due to time restrictions I haven’t painted them in a very long while, so it feels super nice to have my nails looking pretty!


    New Years Eve dress from H&M
    New Years Eve dress from H&M

    This was the dress I wore for New Years Eve. My friend Monica came with me to do some dress shopping, and unfortunately I had a super difficult time finding something in stores this year. It was just a few days before New Years, yet it seemed like every store had dresses either out of my price range, or only drab looking dresses with cuts & fits that didn’t work for my frame. (I’m really short!)

    Thankfully Monica told me she had a few dresses of hers I could look at. The moment I saw this one, I fell in love and knew it was the one I wanted to wear for New Years Eve. I asked if I could buy the dress from her, but she said no and actually gifted it to me. (She said that she had never worn it and wasn’t going to ever wear it due to the fit on her.) I can’t express how thankful I was that I didn’t have to buy a new dress this year, especially with my dog’s recent vet bills. I have amazing friends!


    New Years Eve Nails - Creative Nail Design (CND) in Cuppa Joe

    For my nails, I dug out a really old bottle of polish that I have owned since around 2007. I have never been able to throw this polish away because I love the color so much. It’s the shade “Cuppa Joe” by Creative Nail Design, which changed their name to CND and also changed their polish bottles. (I am fairly positive CND no longer produces this shade because when they made the switch, they discontinued a ton of their colors and only kept their core line, which is a shame!!) I started with a layer of CND’s “Stickey” Base Coat, two layers of “Cuppa Joe”, and then finished with Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat. This shade is one of my two all-time favorite Creative Nail Design colors… the other is “Hotski to Tchotchke”, an amazing metallic turquoise-blue shade.


    New Years Eve Outfit

    This was my overall look. Photo was taken by Monica as we were getting ready for the night. My shoes were a pair of solid black pumps that I bought from Target last year on clearance. To carry my phone and ID, I used an old, old clutch that I’ve had for years. I wish I had a better photo of my makeup! I used my Urban Decay Naked3 palette to create a smokey eye, and wore matte red lips.

    We went downtown and had a reserved table where my friends and I were able to sit, courtesy of one of my friends being the girlfriend of the manager. (The best part was that it was right by the dance floor, perfect for all the people watching.) I had a drink, but stuck to Red Bull and water the rest of the night because I find that as I get older, it’s a little harder to recover from a night out. Wink All in all, it was one of the best, most low-key New Years Eves I have ever had and couldn’t have been happier with being able to ring in 2014 with my friends.

    How was your New Years Eve?


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    2 Responses to Happy New Year!

    1. January 3, 2014 at 10:10 pm

      Wonderful gift from your friend, and you look beautiful.

      Happy New Year!

      • Mandy
        February 21, 2014 at 2:40 am

        She has a generous heart; people who can call her a friend (like myself) are very lucky to have someone like her in our lives. Also, I know this is *very* late, but happy New Year to you, too!!

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