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    Korea Cosmetics Back in August I was initially contacted by Korea Cosmetics regarding an opportunity to try some of their products. The first product I received is the Vitamin-C Serum from the brand EL CURE.

    Unfortunately, even though I was ready to post this review at the start of November, personal events in my life prevented me from doing so. As with all reviews, my opinion is honest and is unaffected by the fact that it was provided to me for consideration. That being said, this review has been a long time coming, so I’m happy to finally get it posted up! Smile


    EL CURE Vitamin C Serum

    For reference, I’m 24 (going on 25 very soon, yikes!) with fair, combination (normal/oily) skin which is prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (which is when a dark spot is left after a blemish flares up and then heals). I’ve been using this for about two months (starting from the end of September). I prefer to use the recommended 2-3 drops of this serum on my skin at night — a little goes a long way, and I’m making progress through the bottle. Smile

    EL CURE’s Vitamin-C Serum is made in Korea and comes in a 50 mL amber glass bottle, which not only looks really lovely, but it serves a purpose, too. L-ascorbic acid (aka: Vitamin-C) degrades from light exposure, and amber glass bottles block UV rays. So, the packaging is actually helping the product keep its potency & effectiveness.


    EL CURE Vitamin-C Serum

    From the bottle:
    EL CURE Vitamin C SERUM contains ionized form of Vitamin C. When entering the human or animal body, it converts into L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) through the enzymolysis of phosphatase, and maintains the same physiological function and biological efficacy as L-ascorbic acid.
    It is able to effectively inhibit the activity of tyrosinase in skin, facilitate the synthesis of collagen. It may also resist the damage caused on the skin due to the U.V. light, smog and other environmental effects.

    EL CURE claims this Vitamin-C serum is at optimum concentration and acidity for absorption, has gone through an ionization process which is also said to aid in absorption, and that this serum will improve skin tone and resilience. I’d also like to note that Vitamin-C (when a stable form is used topically) can reduce inflammation, improve the appearance of sun-damaged skin, promote collagen production, lessen hyperpigmentation, retain moisture, etc.

    The product smells amazing, both citrus-y and sweet. It applies to the skin without any color and is slightly sticky for a moment, but once absorbed the skin feels smooth to the touch without any feeling of greasiness. I do not experience any tingling or other effects while using this product and have had no negative reactions to it.

    I love the dropper because it allows me to dispense the exact amount of product I want, and I don’t end up feeling wasteful. The dropper and the small opening at the top of the bottle help protect the product from oxidizing, which is another positive step in preserving the product’s efficacy.

    Overall: I do think this is a nice serum, even for sensitive skin types like mine. It didn’t cause any breakouts at all on my skin, and left it looking and feeling fresh… sometimes I could swear my skin looked brighter after using it. In spite of the ‘brightness’ I would see after use, I can’t say I saw any definitive fading of my pre-existing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation spots from this product alone. However, like I said, my skin does feel like it keeps its hydration better when I consistently use this product and it’s the most refreshing aspect of my night routine.

    I think what I consider the biggest downside about this product is the availability. It’s such a nice serum, but a bit of a challenge to get a hold of if you are not in Korea. As far as I can tell there are no US retailers who are carrying the brand EL CURE or this serum specifically. If you are interested in this product, Korea Cosmetics advised me you can contact them and they will either connect you with a staff member of the EL CURE company or contact them for you in order to let you know how you may purchase it.


    Disclaimer & Disclosure


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